Debts that can be included

We can provide debt advice for the following types of debt:-

Unsecured Debts (Overdrafts, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Charge Cards, Catalogues, Pay Day Loans, Unsecured Loans, Personal Loans, Bank loans, Doorstep Loans, Buy now pay later loans, Credit Unions.

Unsecured Debts That Have A CCJ Or Attachment Of Earnings In Place

Arrears From Utility Supplies From Previous Properties, Previous Suppliers E.G. Gas, Electricity, Water

Arrears From Service Providers From Previous Properties, Previous Suppliers E.G. Digital TV, Mobile Phones, Landlines

Debts That Were Previously Secured Against An Asset That Has Been Repossessed – Shortfalls On Vehicle HP And Properties

Debts To Family And Friends.

HM Revenue And Customs VAT, PAYE, Income Tax, Self Assessed Tax, National Insurance
Council Tax Arrears

Tax credit or benefit over payments

Any other outstanding bill, for example solicitor’s costs, invoices for building work and veterinary bills

Personal Guarantees: often associated with 3rd party debts such as that given by a director of a limited company or that of a family member